Recommended Top Online Casinos with High Safety Standards, Exclusive for Japanese Players – Holy City Sinner|Recommended Top Online Casinos with High Safety Standards, Exclusive for Japanese Players

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1. Sol Casino

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2. Fresh Casino

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Recommended Top Online Casinos with High Safety Standards, Exclusive for Japanese Players

There are many online casinos that are safe and secure, and this article will discuss some of the safest online casinos that you can use especially with Japanese support. Among the online casinos that are available to many users, it is a good idea to check out the sites that are safe to play at and make sure that you continue to play at that online casino.

However, if you’re still not convinced after reading this article, you can check this list to find top online casinos with detailed reviews, exclusively for Japanese players.

Vera & John / Vera John Casino

Vera John is one of the most reliable online casinos in the world. In addition to being extremely safe, it also has the advantage of having a large number of users who use it. Many of the users find it safe and the number of users is still on the rise.

This online casino is also known as VeraJohn, Berazyon, and Berajon

Why Vera & John is safe

The reason why VeraJohn Casino is safe is that it has received a license from Curaçao.

As for Curaçao, which is held by Vera John, it has been deemed reliable as a license and has a high-profile part that many online casinos have obtained.

In addition, there was a time in the past when we held a Maltese license to ensure even higher reliability.

Points that enhance safety

The fact that there are so many users of Vera & John is part of what makes it a safe online casino to use.

Another point that enhances safety is that we have made adjustments to ensure that we are able to respond to inquiries. We have created a system that allows users to use the site safely by responding to their inquiries and creating a situation where we can immediately contact them and take action.

Casitabi (カジ旅)

Casitabi (カジ旅) is one of the first online casinos to appear in the market in recent years, but it is very well known and the number of users is gradually increasing. it is expected to be an online casino that can be played in an RPG format, and it has the potential to be a different kind of online casino.

Casitabi is also know as Kazitabi, and Kajitabi.

Why Casitabi is safe

Kazitabi is also licensed in Curacao.

In addition to receiving the license of Curaçao, the part of the game that we contract with many software companies to receive the game is another reason why we are safe. By making sure that we can gather credibility from software companies as well, we have ensured our safety.

Points that enhance safety

Kajitabi is ready to respond to inquiries immediately.

Chat support is made available so that if you have any problems, you can consult with Casitabi via chat and get them resolved immediately. In addition, by enhancing the support system, we will create an environment where as many users as possible will be able to use Kajitabi.

Casino Secrets (シークレットカジノ)

Casino secret (シークレットカジノ) is an online casino that offers cash back and does not offer a typical bonus but instead gives money back to the user for the money they have spent. Bonuses with no withdrawal requirements are highly valued and are expected to be a safe online casino to play at.

Why Casino Secret is safe

Casino Secret has obtained the MGA, which is the most reliable license for an online casino.

In addition to the high reliability of the license obtained, the MGA license tends to be revoked at the slightest problem, making it difficult to maintain the license except for online casinos that can be operated with confidence.

Points that enhance safety

By partnering with a number of software companies, Casino Secret (カジノシークレット) has created an online casino that is safe to play at.

In addition, the support system is very comprehensive, and inquiries and other communications are immediately returned. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us immediately and we will be happy to help you.

Mystino Casino (ミスティーノ)

Mystino (ミスティーノ) is a newly launched online casino. It is expected to become even more reliable in the future. It is also highly regarded for the fact that it has the advantage of having a very large number of games, and users are expecting to be able to play a variety of games.

Why Mystino is safe

Mystino (ミスティーノ) is another online casino that is licensed in Curacao.

In addition, they explain that they never change the results of their games, and they also offer full Japanese language support, making it easy for Japanese people to play at their online casino. They have created a system that proves that they are a reliable online casino.

Points that enhance safety

Mystino differentiates itself from other online casinos by explaining in detail why it is safe on the top page. Other online casinos tend not to explain the details, so it is a big point that they explain the safe part of the game.

They also have other support systems in place to help Japanese people quickly solve their online casino problems.

InterCasino (インターカジノ)

It is known as the sister site of VeraJohn Casino. Although Vera & John was introduced later, InterCasino is a little less well-known. However, it is known as an online casino that can be played in the same way as Vera John, and is highly regarded for its high reliability.

Why InterCasino is safe

InterCasino (インターカジノ), like VeraJohn Casino, is licensed in Curacao.

In addition to holding a license in Curaçao, InterCasino is also safe because it is operated by the same company that operates Vera & John. In addition, the same company that operates the Vera John Casino also provides the InterCasino service, giving it the same credibility.

Points that enhance safety

InterCasino has a prompt deposit and withdrawal policy. By creating a situation where withdrawals can be made immediately, users do not have the trouble of not being able to withdraw their money.

They have also acquired a large number of contracts with software companies so that they can increase their security. This is an online casino that is strong enough to be trusted by many companies.

Online casinos will remain the safest sites in the future

Online casinos are disappearing, except for highly secure sites. Online casinos that do not have a license have no choice but to disappear. If they are found to be operating improperly, they will lose their license to operate from the country that provides the license, and they will have no choice but to shut down their online casino.

Unsafe online casinos will disappear

An improper online casino will first lose the license it holds. Next, they will be deemed to have been operating an online casino without a license, and will eventually be subject to punishment and be caught.

Efforts are also underway to make unsafe online casinos disappear using a variety of methods.

It will become unbearable as licenses disappear and the number of users declines

With the license expired, the online casino will not be able to operate, but another reason is that the number of users will decrease and it will not be able to operate anymore.

Online casinos that do not have a license will be described as dangerous on various information sites. As a result, users will decide that the online casino is dangerous and stop using it. Users are not so naive as to use an insecure online casino.

And reports of inappropriate online casinos.

Information about online casinos that have been deemed inappropriate is being exchanged in various media.

In some cases, the information is provided by Twitter, while in other cases, the online casinos listed on the information sites are described as dangerous. Sites that summarize suspicious online casinos are particularly valuable, and if you avoid the sites listed, you can play safely.